About the course
The kids make a plan, assign tasks, and present their projects publicly. They learn to check themselves and correct errors, including those in other people's code.
The skills of programming, systems thinking, project creation, and the ability to work in a team will be useful for a successful career in any field.

1 academic year
14 – 17 years old
Groups of 6 children
Once a week
90 minutes
Weekdays or weekends
Visual programming develops a child's imagination and teaches them to correctly set goals and search for ways to achieve them in game form
In addition to working at the computer, the children draw, think, invent and design in groups, and give presentations
At the end of the course, the children will create their own project - a game, a cartoon, or an interactive book
What will a child learn in a programming course:
program professionally in Python

analyze and visualize data

write programs and games of varying complexity
understand which professions Python programming skills will come in handy for

solve tasks that are given during the interview process with the largest companies
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